Northeast Florida SAT Prep

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Serving Northeast Florida

...and still some students from the Capital Region of New York State.

Or anywhere...virtually!

Veteran educator and business owner Bill Tindale has worked with hundreds of high school students. He has years of experience teaching both SAT and ACT concepts. His sessions focus on teaching specific content, recognizing tricks and traps, establishing proper pacing, mastering the format of the test, and increasing performance under pressure. It is Bill's goal to use each session as efficiently as possible to teach the most important concepts and strategies. Bill has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and he makes sure he uses every ounce of what he learned as he teaches these sessions!

Individual SAT Prep

  • 10 x 30 minute sessions for $425
  • Via Zoom
  • Includes detailed homework assignments

Group of 2 SAT Prep

  • 10 x 30 minute sessions for $300/student
  • Via Zoom
  • Includes detailed homework assignments

Large Group SAT Prep

If you have more than 2 students interested or a special situation, please contact me directly at (518) 428-1082.


Great experience. My daughter spent a few sessions learning how to tackle both her SATs and ACTs. Bill told her early on that her school had taught her everything she needed to know but that he could teach how to take the test. It worked! She did great, her scores went up and now she has her pick of schools. Thank you! Jacqueline Lendrum

​​What a great experience - our two sons attended small group sessions to prepare for the SAT. They thought the classes were very helpful, and actually looked forward to attending! The sessions familiarized them with the structure of the test and taught them strategies to help maximize their scores - which turned out to be SO much better than any of us were expecting... these test prep sessions were a great investment and gave our boys the confidence they needed to perform their best on the SAT.  Amanda Avery

Bill's small group classes helped me raise my score 100 points because he made sure everyone participated in the lesson and gave us really helpful techniques and strategies to use during the test.  Caroline Jasiewicz

Absolutely top notch! My son (along with many teens) are particular especially when it comes to academics. Colby always enjoyed Bill's tutoring style and never had a problem getting to sessions or completing practice work. Smaller classroom setting with friends was ideal. Bill worked with us to focus in on areas of improvement after the first SAT, and Colby's score increased 100 points even after a solid score on the first exam. Already looking forward to sending our daughter to Bill in a couple years. Worth every penny and more.  Robert Hoffma